Secret Garden 17.03.07

It’s been a while, I’m here, let’s get to it:

  1. Actually you can’t really say that it’s hard to make friends in this day and age, rather everyone’s standards for friends keep going higher, so if you have trustworthy friends make sure you treasure them!
  2. I didn’t feel too lost after graduation. I really did a lot during university, tried a bunch of interesting things, so I had many options after graduating; I think you need to start thinking about options after graduation when you’re still in school, so I hope you still have time!
  3. We’ll do many rehearsals for the concert, pay attention to every detail, we’ll be careful!
  4. Actually before I did consider getting a graduate degree overseas, but now I think even though I didn’t end up going, the preparation work I did won’t go to waste!
  5. Ahahahahah Yasuhati I’m dying! I can play it in the next weekly vlog!
  6. I want to meet with you guys too, but we need to meet when we’re at our best right? So everyone has to work hard, you guys study and go to work, and we’ll definitely meet at the most perfect moment!

Goodnight! 🌟

*Fans leave him messages and talk about their lives and concerns in Secret Garden (comment section in one of his old posts), so this is like his reply.

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