Xiao Zhan is currently on the “true” path, day after day, heading to the future.

Last summer, to commemorate Cao Yu’s 100th Year Anniversary, Xiao Zhan conducted a “Theatre Talk Between Two Generations” with scriptwriter Wan Fang, Cao Yu’s daughter. Xiao Zhan asked: Is “truth” an important element in our creative process? In her response, Wan Fang mentioned a line from “Winter Journey”: No path leads towards sincerity, sincerity itself is a path. Xiao Zhan is currently on this “true” path, day after day, heading to the future.

In the spring of 2020, Xiao Zhan completed post-recording work for “Oath of Love”. One day in March or April, Xiao Zhan said to Lv Ying, the director of Oath of Love, that he really envies Gu Wei. He said, “Gu Wei is so happy, he has a simple and ordinary life.” Lv Ying recalls that he told Xiao Zhan, “You don’t need to envy him, your life will surely be even better than his.”

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The Paper Exclusive Interview | Xiao Zhan: Not Ready to Be an Idol (Feb. 2016)

Inside the “Youth Castle” where XFire trainees are practicing, the boys have just finished morning practice, and are going in and out of the practice room in their casual clothes. Xiao Zhan quietly sat on the couch, getting interviewed by a journalist from The Paper.

That morning, journalists watched Ep. 11 of Xfire ahead of time at Tianyu Theatre. With his standout height and bright smile, Xiao Zhan was undoubtedly “Love at First Sight” and even during interviews, the team leader Peng Chuyue kept teasing him: “Xiao Zhan is our team’s popularity king.” Halfway through the competition last year, a marketing account exposed that he would soon appear in a big IP drama. When this was brought up, Xiao Zhan looked “clueless”, and during casual conversation didn’t forget to diss himself: “Hey, I’m just a ’Z-List’ unknown artist…”

In real life, Xiao Zhan is polite, understands the rules, and has a friendly air of an upperclassman next door. His attractiveness isn’t aggressive at all, and it’s no wonder that since the first episode some students have teased that Xiao Zhan is the popular “social butterfly” in their team.

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ELLE Feb. 2019: Uniquely Him

“I want to continuously break through and surpass myself, and become an actor everyone approves of. I want everyone to see my possibilities.”

Xiao Zhan learned how to draw from a young age, and he especially loved to draw planets and monsters. When he watched movies as a child and saw the Martian monsters, his imagination would start to run wild as he would begin to battle these monsters. Back then, he was a boy who loved outer space; he firmly believed in the existence of aliens. When he saw UFO related news, he was excited, curious, and scared: will aliens be nice to us?


Later when he read “The Three Body Problem”, this feeling became stronger. He would exclaim about the scale of the author’s imagination and the universe, while doing research to understand the elements of physics and astronomy in the novel. Xiao Zhan would also imagine the appearanceS of the characters, “A science student, he might be wearing glasses, he definitely has a very high IQ, and has the ability to take decisive action. But he’s an idiot when it comes to life, just like Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory.”

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“Chongqing Boy” Xiaozhan: I’ll sing the “Red Plum Blossoms” in my heart for you guys, the colder it is the more it blooms, symbolizing our people’s spirit.

Hello everyone! I’m Xiaozhan. Today, I’ll sing this song “Red Plum Blossoms” for you, which symbolizes Chongqing.

Speaking of Chongqing, people’s first reaction is Chongqing hotpot. In the summer, many people sitting by the side of the street eating Mala Hotpot, playing rock paper scissors while drinking cold beer, that’s the worldly Chongqing life in my memory. Before when people asked me how Chongqing spiciness is different, I would answer that it’s a numbing spiciness. The mountain city’s hot pot never just aims to be spicy, there needs to be the aroma of Sichuan pepper; that’s the standard Chongqing taste. I consider myself a standard Chongqing person. I’m not afraid to imagine and take action, I’m straightforward and decisive, the flavors of Chongqing found in the hot pot seasoning seem to all run in my blood without exception. I grew up in Chongqing, lived there for more than twenty years, and the strongest, strongest feeling I have is that Chongqing people’s personalities are all quite “stubborn”, I don’t know if it’s because we do “rock climbing” every day. As we climb the mountains and step over the ridges, that “stubbornness” deep within us seeps into every Chongqing person.

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“Portrait” with Xiao Zhan

When he was filming in Xiangshan, Xiao Zhan went for runs in the field almost every day. The sky was so blue, and he often found himself in the midst of the paddy fields, with rolling hills of uneven heights lying in the distance. As the breeze gently blew past, he didn’t need to think about anything. His friend still has some of the videos he took in those fields, often filmed under the setting sun with only the sound of the wind and rustling leaves as the person taking the video is holding his breath. The camera would slowly pan up from over the fields, and occasionally there would be the sound of distant thunder, but the camera doesn’t waver. He is still at ease as he stands in the center of the field.

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200110 CCTV Everlasting Classics Recording

© 憨豆公主可可口口

  1. Refreshing 3 piece suit + glasses, a classic prince, refined and scandalous, so handsome!
  2. Live band performance, he sang fully live for both songs, he sounds so good. The first one is the show’s theme song, mature and strong, the switching between real voice and falsetto was amazing, he worked well with the senior artist.
  3. The second song was a solo, a new song, a complete surprise! So surprising, to the point that the three judges on the panel kept pushing each other to comment first because no one thought he can have such a breakthrough and gap. The style of the song and the poem itself is a perfect fit for him, I can’t spoil but you guys can probably guess which poem, I’m crying! Here I would really like to thank the senior teachers and Liu Zhuo (a producer on this show), thank you for putting so much thought into his word and helping him, he really deserves it. In this work he discussed with the teachers and added a lot of his own ideas, really such a nice surprise and sounded so good.
  4. He drew again! He said it’s been more than 10 years since he drew in this style. The way the refined prince in glasses leaned over the table on stage and raised his brush to create a work of art, it was truly a scene!
  5. When sitting and waiting off stage, he kept talking with Sa-Laoshi (the MC). And they took a selfie! Later Sa-Laoshi said Xiaozhan kept praising the senior artists and saying they sang so well, like a fanboy! After the senior artist’s solo song, they made eye contact and he gave two thumbs up from off stage, so cute.
  6. On stage he talked about his reflections, and told a story about when he was young and painted in his textbook with his fingers dipped in ink, he thought everyone did this but no one including the judges and the MC did, and they captioned one screen that Xiaozhan is talented and unique.
  7. For his solo song, senior artist was also nodding and clapping as they watched. When the entire audience waved their hands and clapped to the beat, they were also very into it. Before singing, he recited the first three lines of this poem and we all followed up with the last line, the senior artist was really surprised and turned around to praise us.
  8. On stage the senior artist talked about not lip-syncing and off stage Xiaozhan was nodding nonstop, you can really feel his persistence and his attitude.

I’m so proud to love him! He’s always delivering breakthroughs and surprises.

Harper’s Bazaar Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

‪During the Bazaar photoshoot, Xiaozhan got along very well with the horse. Because too many people were watching, it kicked and shocked everyone, but Xiaozhan spoke to it softly and quickly calmed it down.

Later he said that during filming before, he was taught how to interact with horses, such as approaching slowly with the back of his hand outstretched, it’s easier to gain their trust. He said if you’re sincere with animals, they’ll be able to relax. ‬

When he said this, his gaze was so gentle.

Our Song Ep. 11 Recording – Unaired Scene

Our Song Ep. 11 – Unaired Scene
© 沙鸥罐罐

Thinking back on it now, during recording, what touched me the most was when the show ended and as the crowd was dissipating, Xiaozhan walked past the noisy crowds and gave Wakin Chau a sincere hug.

Before Wakin Chau sang his new song The Younger Me, the MC talked about his history, and Xiaozhan listened very intently, he was very touched, and you can tell he was very moved. Lin Hai said that his eyes were glistening with tears, our boy’s heart is strong yet soft.

Back then, Wakin Chau had finished singing “The Younger Me”, and the parting atmosphere was very sad. When the MC announced that recording was over, everyone rushed up to talk to him, hug him, and shake his hand. But Xiaozhan just stood by his own seat, and watched silently from afar. He waited until there weren’t that many people next to Wakin Chau, then he walked past the crowds towards him, opened his arms, and gave him a sincere hug. He hugged him tightly, and buried his head in Wakin’s shoulder.

Unfortunately, this scene wasn’t recorded by the cameras and we don’t know what he said, but I think Xiaozhan offered up his real and soft heart. The most precious, it’s not on the lively stage but in the calm after the party, when he revealed his heartfelt sincerity.

Secret Garden 17.03.07

It’s been a while, I’m here, let’s get to it:

  1. Actually you can’t really say that it’s hard to make friends in this day and age, rather everyone’s standards for friends keep going higher, so if you have trustworthy friends make sure you treasure them!
  2. I didn’t feel too lost after graduation. I really did a lot during university, tried a bunch of interesting things, so I had many options after graduating; I think you need to start thinking about options after graduation when you’re still in school, so I hope you still have time!
  3. We’ll do many rehearsals for the concert, pay attention to every detail, we’ll be careful!
  4. Actually before I did consider getting a graduate degree overseas, but now I think even though I didn’t end up going, the preparation work I did won’t go to waste!
  5. Ahahahahah Yasuhati I’m dying! I can play it in the next weekly vlog!
  6. I want to meet with you guys too, but we need to meet when we’re at our best right? So everyone has to work hard, you guys study and go to work, and we’ll definitely meet at the most perfect moment!

Goodnight! 🌟

*Fans leave him messages and talk about their lives and concerns in Secret Garden (comment section in one of his old posts), so this is like his reply.