Xuan Lu on Xiao Zhan during The Untamed filming

The last scene was Buyetian, when Shi-jie died protecting Wei Wuxian, and this was the biggest tearjerker for both fans of the novel and the drama.

This “highlight” moment in the drama took over one week to film, the actors and actresses got their makeup done every night at 11 and filmed until 9 the next morning.

The month of August in Hengdian was hot and hard to bear, and Xiaozhan had the most scenes.

“I saw him get thinner and thinner as he filmed, when the filming was stressful, he only ate some snacks, and didn’t eat properly at all,” Xuan Lu said.

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The Untamed Staff on Xiaozhan

“Xiaozhan is a really good person, and he’s very nice to staff members. He’s not afraid of hardships, and even when he’s sick he’ll film for a whole day, after he wraps for the night he’ll go get IV drip, then come back to film the next morning.”

“Filming was really tough on him, I hope everyone will support him lots. Filming overnight is tough, and he did it consecutively, he barely got a few hours of sleep a day. Sometimes I saw that during breaks he can’t even sit properly, and needs to lie back, fortunately there will be people to support him.”

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Things Xiaozhan Never Says

Some facts about filming The Untamed 

  1. He hurt his arm, but almost no one knew then. We only know because of paparazzi pictures of him at the hospital. Even now, after so many interviews, he’s never mentioned it. 
  2. Filming in 40 degree weather with layers of clothes and being hung in the air for half a day. He’s always been afraid of heat and sweats a lot, he’s the kind who can’t be without air conditioning, but when he talks about it he only talks about other people passing out in front of him.
  3. During that scene, he was eating raw fish with glue, you can imagine the taste. Media commented that he’s so professional, but his fans never boasted and only replied with ‘it’s what an actor should do.’
  4. For the Luanzanggang scenes he only casually mentioned that when he crawled he did hurt his hand.
  5. A “workaholic”, he gets up at 5AM, sometimes doesn’t wrap up even after midnight, he’s so tired he’s swaying, but never mentions that. In interviews he says he enjoys being a “workaholic”.
  6. When he attended 101 as a guest, he was worried he wouldn’t do well, and not only did he ask to practice more in the show, he also practiced when he had time on set of filming. It was his first time rapping, everyone said it was good. Is he really so naturally talented that he can do absolutely everything well? It’s just the repeated practice that no one sees.
  7. When he attended the audition show, he didn’t have a dance background. He just practices, practices until his toenail fell off, and he only asks “will it still grow back?” He got knee effusion, says he will still “dance tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that.” He was kicked in the chin, had throat inflammation to the point he couldn’t talk, but still performed well as the main vocal. Before when he hurt his hand, he was worried that fans would get worried, he hid his hand at the airport. Fans who were asking what happened just the night before all understood and stopped asking.
  8. When The Untamed was being attacked the most last year, he was filming the scene in the cave water. He later on said it’s an “unforgettable” scene. After filming, he smiled sweetly and said to his fans, “you guys be good.”
  9. He says he’s never gone through a systematic training as an actor, he’s worried about not doing well, he’s lacking confidence. His happiest moment was when the director told him he did well, and that he’s coming closer and closer to the character.
  10. He goes to acting class to study, and says that if he has time he will work on his script delivery. Everyone says his acting is good, he has talent, he brought Ah Xian to life, that’s because he really became Ah Xian, and lived out his life! That’s why he says those things to Ah Xian, that’s why whenever he mentions Ah Xian in interviews, he can so perfectly summarize his personality. 

He might really have some talent when it comes to acting, but the hard work he puts in where we can’t see is definitely more than any talent!

Xiaozhan’s School Days

In university, Xiaozhan was the class literary committee member, the student arts association vocal department chair, and the male vocal department chair.

He entered Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU) in September 2010 as part of the Modern International Art Design Academy. Through his school and social experience in his three years of study he continuously improved himself, building a firm foundation for establishing the proper moral values. This student was always serious about professional knowledge and focused on studying, but at the same time he had rich extracurricular activities. Since entering the school, he’s always been the class literary committee member, and in his first year he joined the school arts association choir. He was serious and always took initiative, and he also became student arts association vocal department chair, the male vocal department chair, and an actor for the school language arts group.

In the second semester of his first year, together with the language arts group, he went to Beijing and performed “I have a dream” with excellent reviews. In his second year, he attended the CTBU “School Top 10 Singers” competition, and won the “School Top 10 Singer Honor Award”. Later he represented CTBU and attended the Chongqing city-wide “School Top 10 Singers”, in this tough competition he won second prize. In his three years at school, he often attended various school performances, and in the CTBU 60th Year Anniversary Gala, he performed the opening solo song for the singing programs.

During school, he won “Individual Literary Advancement”, “Excellent Arts Executive”, “Excellent Member” and other awards. In the school’s charity poster design competition, he won first prize and the most popular award.

In Oct. 2012, he founded “Yiguang Film Media“ film photography studio and “NED Design Studio” with his friends, until now the businesses are running well.