Our Song Recording 19.12.18

First the MC said: regarding the countdown concert, what you want to see is at DragonTV. Then about Xiaozhan, I still can’t collect myself right now!

  1. His initial appearance was as school senior Xiaozhan, super cute with curly hair, his voice goes really well with Na-jie and the stage design was very good. During the ending a prop fell, this guy kept playing with it after he finished singing and pretended to be angry and hit it. When he was returning to his seat he didn’t know who to give the prop to, so he took it back with him.
  2. When other singers were getting ready he kept preparing for their second song and practicing.
  3. The second half, first let me scream ahhhhhhh, too handsome, too handsome! It was a huge gap with the first part, a retro dance song! Just imagine it, he dances for a whole song! It was very sexy, his hair and outfit were completely different, he’s so tall and thin and fair. If the first half was school senior, the second half was Boss Xiao, really strong aura and the whole studio went crazy. My eyes couldn’t see anyone else after that, I just stared at him the whole time, how is he so good looking, his features are like a statue and he’s super fair too. First half I want to call him son, second half I want to call him husband 😭
  4. Something that shocked me, he really attracts all ages and genders. An uncle yelled really loudly “Xiaozhan I love you!” And this auntie kept looking at Xiaozhan and yelling that he’s so cute.
  5. Finally, he’s still using the shrimp pink bottle, and today he waved at all the fans, I’m really envious of those in the 80’s section because for one song a singer walked to the middle of the 80’s section so Xiaozhan kept looking over there, they all went crazy.

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