200110 CCTV Everlasting Classics Recording

© 憨豆公主可可口口

  1. Refreshing 3 piece suit + glasses, a classic prince, refined and scandalous, so handsome!
  2. Live band performance, he sang fully live for both songs, he sounds so good. The first one is the show’s theme song, mature and strong, the switching between real voice and falsetto was amazing, he worked well with the senior artist.
  3. The second song was a solo, a new song, a complete surprise! So surprising, to the point that the three judges on the panel kept pushing each other to comment first because no one thought he can have such a breakthrough and gap. The style of the song and the poem itself is a perfect fit for him, I can’t spoil but you guys can probably guess which poem, I’m crying! Here I would really like to thank the senior teachers and Liu Zhuo (a producer on this show), thank you for putting so much thought into his word and helping him, he really deserves it. In this work he discussed with the teachers and added a lot of his own ideas, really such a nice surprise and sounded so good.
  4. He drew again! He said it’s been more than 10 years since he drew in this style. The way the refined prince in glasses leaned over the table on stage and raised his brush to create a work of art, it was truly a scene!
  5. When sitting and waiting off stage, he kept talking with Sa-Laoshi (the MC). And they took a selfie! Later Sa-Laoshi said Xiaozhan kept praising the senior artists and saying they sang so well, like a fanboy! After the senior artist’s solo song, they made eye contact and he gave two thumbs up from off stage, so cute.
  6. On stage he talked about his reflections, and told a story about when he was young and painted in his textbook with his fingers dipped in ink, he thought everyone did this but no one including the judges and the MC did, and they captioned one screen that Xiaozhan is talented and unique.
  7. For his solo song, senior artist was also nodding and clapping as they watched. When the entire audience waved their hands and clapped to the beat, they were also very into it. Before singing, he recited the first three lines of this poem and we all followed up with the last line, the senior artist was really surprised and turned around to praise us.
  8. On stage the senior artist talked about not lip-syncing and off stage Xiaozhan was nodding nonstop, you can really feel his persistence and his attitude.

I’m so proud to love him! He’s always delivering breakthroughs and surprises.

Harper’s Bazaar Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

‪During the Bazaar photoshoot, Xiaozhan got along very well with the horse. Because too many people were watching, it kicked and shocked everyone, but Xiaozhan spoke to it softly and quickly calmed it down.

Later he said that during filming before, he was taught how to interact with horses, such as approaching slowly with the back of his hand outstretched, it’s easier to gain their trust. He said if you’re sincere with animals, they’ll be able to relax. ‬

When he said this, his gaze was so gentle.

Our Song Ep. 11 Recording – Unaired Scene

Our Song Ep. 11 – Unaired Scene
© 沙鸥罐罐

Thinking back on it now, during recording, what touched me the most was when the show ended and as the crowd was dissipating, Xiaozhan walked past the noisy crowds and gave Wakin Chau a sincere hug.

Before Wakin Chau sang his new song The Younger Me, the MC talked about his history, and Xiaozhan listened very intently, he was very touched, and you can tell he was very moved. Lin Hai said that his eyes were glistening with tears, our boy’s heart is strong yet soft.

Back then, Wakin Chau had finished singing “The Younger Me”, and the parting atmosphere was very sad. When the MC announced that recording was over, everyone rushed up to talk to him, hug him, and shake his hand. But Xiaozhan just stood by his own seat, and watched silently from afar. He waited until there weren’t that many people next to Wakin Chau, then he walked past the crowds towards him, opened his arms, and gave him a sincere hug. He hugged him tightly, and buried his head in Wakin’s shoulder.

Unfortunately, this scene wasn’t recorded by the cameras and we don’t know what he said, but I think Xiaozhan offered up his real and soft heart. The most precious, it’s not on the lively stage but in the calm after the party, when he revealed his heartfelt sincerity.

Our Song Recording 19.12.05

© 小赞的猫儿

First about the styling, it’s similar to the Bazaar photoshoot and his outfit was wild and sexy! The best part was when he sat down, he showed this wicked and flirty smile, combined with today’s outfit really left us half dead! But right after he smiled he turned back into Bunny Xiao, pouting and puffing out his cheeks, too cute 😭

When other singers were singing, he was also hyped and would bob his head and tap to the beat, also sing along, he is singer Xiaozhan who really loves and enjoys music~ When the music ended he would adjust his collars, stretch a bit, really cute and handsome.

When it was almost his group’s turn to sing, he held up his little fist in encouragement for the senior singers, and again pouted and puffed out his cheeks, and showed his little dimple 😭 Before he went on stage, he raised his fist again and also high-fived his seniors, and cheered himself on, so cute 🐰

The performance was lit, it was an unimaginable style, sexy and wild, so charismatic, and for the ending pose his gaze could kill, handsomeness that can kill you! It was like the temptation of the night killer, goes straight for your heart and leaves you unable to breathe, but willing to offer up your life. 

After the performance ended, he stayed on stage for a bit, we were cheering and maybe he got excited too, and started jumping up and down to our cheers, swaying, and flipped around the specially designed black belt around his waist, it was really sexy! The cheers in our section were super loud, and he smiled and greeted us, that smile really lit up the room. Then he turned back into Bunny Xiao, cutely stomped his feet and hopped, he was really visibly happy.

When he returned to his seat, he was much more relaxed, he would pat his legs and smiled at us several times, each time we would scream. He also loves to clasp his hands together under his chin when watching other singers sing, and when it gets to a really good part he would make a “wow” expression, so cute!! The cutest was when he would point his thumbs together. There was an interactive corner in the middle, and he imitated the sound of a really cute animal, it was so soft and so cute we couldn’t stop yelling.

When recording ended, he still warmly turned and smiled as he said goodbye to everyone in each section.

In summary, I really love the gap today, when he’s on stage he’s wild and handsome, and off stage he is the pouty cute Bunny Xiao, satisfying both girlfriend-fans and mom-fans. I can say that no one can watch this episode and not fall for him. The guys around me were at first fans of the senior singers, but in the end they were all yelling Xiaozhan’s name. This man is incredible, he gets the guys and girls, old and young. 

Our Song Recording 19.12.05

© 姐姐只想有钱

Still a spoiler-free, simple fanaccount. I’m so glad I decided to come today. It’s a completely different style from the last 4 episodes, super alpha!

I don’t know if I can talk about the styling, but I can say that when it’s released there will be bodies everywhere. Today’s song is also lit, oh my god. It’s an English song, and the high note was incredible, also lots of falsetto. Even better than the singing was his stage performance, it was explosive. A guest comment was that it’s sexy. 

The hair was similar to Bazaar, but the style was different. Together with the rest of his outfit, it’s really unseen before…I’m not exaggerating when I say that everyone went crazy when he came out. My heart can’t handle it, this is my #1 for the last few months!

One thing I was happy about is that to me, his condition seemed better than last time, maybe last time he was still a little shy, but this time he was very social. One thing that stood out was that for a length of time he was just chattering to the guest next to him nonstop, like a machine gun.

Most of the time he was focused on engaging with the guests around him and the stage, because the fans were way too passionate! Honestly there were a lot of other fans banners this time, and from the banners alone it seems kind of even. But our voices can still take the roof off the studio, as long as it’s his part the screams were like everyone there was his fan. So today he also did the 🤫 .

Our Song Recording 19.11.11

© 一个三哈

Honestly it’s my first time watching these kind of recordings, and I can’t even begin to describe how I felt with words. I don’t know about other people, I’m only going to talk about my ge. Xiaozhan! Oh my god!!! In real life he’s really!! Soooo good looking! Soooo thin! Does his face actually exist?? It’s a face that’s like an intricate sculpture. Because of where I was sitting, the whole time I only saw his side profile. Do you know the feeling of looking at a flawless side profile every time you glance up? Of course you don’t know! Because you’re not me! So then I tried everything I could think of to get his attention, get him to turn around and make him shy! The fans’ screaming was no use, our boss Xiao’s expression control is great. But I can’t give up! After all, did I come for myself? No, I came representing the love of all fanboys far and wide! Everyone helped me get to this point, can I just go back like this? Of course not. 

Ok, I’m getting ready to find the opportunity and deliver the killing blow. Finally, when everyone quieted down! I took action: “Xiaozhan! You have to eat more! You’re too thin! You have fanboys! Don’t worry!!” And guess what? Xiao Laoshi turned around! Even though it was just for a moment, but his profile! And the corner of his lip turned upwards!! Ah, this guy is really stealing my soul! Then everything else proceeded in order. Soon recording was coming to an end. Could it be that I only got his attention this one moment? At this point, Na-jie (Na Ying) started to say hi to fans! You know the old saying, opportunities are left to those who are prepared. Even though I was holding Xiaozhan’s slogan, Na-jie, made a heart towards our section. I was thinking, you have to see our ge’s fans’ passion, and I leapt up and gave her a heart back! She made eye contact with me and gave me a playful heart! Then she turned around, I thought that was it, but Na-jie dragged my ge to our section! And my ge started giving us hearts AHHHHH! I’m dead. 

This time, my sneaky outfit made itself useful. What was I wearing? The sweater Xiaozhan wore! So! We made eye contact! That moment that felt like it lasted a century!! That moment he looked at me and gave me a heart, my brain turned blank, it felt like the moment the heaven and earth first parted to create this world. I’m dead again. Then they went offstage, and when he was about to leave my line of sight, he turned around and waved to us! So I quickly waved back. Those were the three beautiful moments I saw my ge. 

One more thing I want to mention, really, if you have a chance listen to my ge sing live, it’s different from audio, his voice went straight for my heart! He sang really well, I won’t spoil anything else. And he had so many little movements! Even though the concept was manly! But his little movements were so cute ahhhh! I took everything in with my eyes.

Suning Double 11 Night 19.11.11

© 沙鸥罐罐

I saw Xiaozhan! He passed in front of me twice! He’s so handsome! So pretty! So gorgeous! The one chosen by the heavens, a living deity, I can’t even think of the words to describe his looks!! How can this world have someone so good-looking. I still think I’m dreaming. The first time he passed by me I didn’t notice, he snuck on stage. Then people around me started screaming Xiaozhan, Xiaozhan, and I was dazed. I looked up and saw two incredibly long legs pass by in front of me, my regrets! I didn’t get to see it clearly!

When he walked to the centre and waited, he tilted his head to the side and quietly stood there. The lights hadn’t come on yet, but it didn’t stop him from glowing. The Hunan TV audio was very bad, you can’t even hear what the MCs are saying on stage, but Xiaozhan’s live is really stable, even his voice is kissed by God!

As for the interview segment, when the MC asked him to make the expressions, everyone saw on TV right, his condition is so good. His skin is really fair and elastic. 

Let’s talk about something else, the security guard in front of me… when he saw Xiaozhan smile, he also became super happy. Halfway through the show, he asked me, “when is Zhan-ge coming out?” I asked him, “you like Xiaozhan too?” At first he wouldn’t admit it, I said, if you don’t like him why do you call him Zhan-ge? You like him right? And he shyly nodded and admitted it. After Xiaozhan’s performance, a different security guard said, “Xiaozhan is tonight’s MVP!” I got this on audio recording too, haha. When the other celebrities walked by in front of us before, the guards were all relaxed, but when Xiaozhan was getting ready to come down they started blocking people, worried that we’re going to run up. 

The second time Xiaozhan walked by in front of me was as he was leaving after his performance, he was very close to him and this time I watched without blinking! My recording is not great because I want to use my eyes to capture him, not the camera. His proportions are incredible, his legs are so long, respect. After he left, I couldn’t focus on anyone else and just sat there and thought back on it. His appearance is really flawless, I’m going to say the top of mainland celebrities, what about it? A lot of people say he’s too skinny, but I don’t think so at all, it’s just perfect.

I’m on my way home now, and filled with happiness, but also some regret because I was too busy looking at him, I forgot to yell out anything , not even once. I waited for long, went so far, finally stood in front of you, but forgot to say ‘I love you’, or even your name.

Our Song Recording 19.11.05

© AstuaryKing

This is the belated fanboy fanaccount (I see everyone on my timeline talking about fanboys, now that I think back on it I’m a little embarrassed).

First I’d liked to bow down to everyone, I’m the shameless person who could not control himself and yelled in Chongqing dialect, “Xiao Zan I love you!”*

  1. The first thing that really stood out to me was, Xiaozhan really has a lot of fanboys, more than I imagined. I thought everyone there would be fangirls, so I pretended to play it cool, to the point that the girls next to me asked if I was invited by the show to fill up the audience. But after it began, the fanboys all went crazy, you could hear guys yelling Xiaozhan’s name everywhere in the venue, especially a guy to my right, he attracted the attention of the whole studio.
  2. So during the break, something came over me and I yelled in Chongqing dialect, “Xiao Zan I love you!” And I saw Xiaozhan shyly cover his face.
  3. Third thing is, yesterday Xiaozhan looked really pale, his styling was also very good, and on the stage he was very energetic and charismatic! Especially at the very end, even I felt like I couldn’t stay awake anymore, but Xiaozhan on stage didn’t seem tired at all. Everything from his expressions to his movements seemed very energetic, he really loves the stage!

*Xiao Zan 小赞 is an affectionate nickname fans use for Xiaozhan, it’s how he refers to him the whole time but for clarity I just used Xiaozhan! 

Our Song Recording 19.11.05

© 全海拉鲁最可爱

  1. The girl I was sitting with was an extra for Oath of Love today, he filmed the whole day and at night we rehearsed, we gathered at 10:30PM and lined up, then recording began at 1AM, ended around 5:30AM. He worked for 24 hours straight. Please treasure him!
  2. He’s so pretty! He wore (x) and (x), he’s still very thin but very upright, the last time I saw him live was at the Douyin night, and I think it was less worrisome than that time. His outfit was cute but his shoes were slightly too big, and when he walked you could see some of his feet…pocket-sized Zhan-bi! Because of the lighting, his hair color seemed not so dark, and even though I know it’s just the effect, but he seems like a mixed doll…at the end I met some other fans who felt the same way, like, he’s so cute and pretty.
  3. He’s in quite a good mood! He’s really soft, and when chatting with the MC he kept getting teased, and he’s so soft and cute as he’s panicking and pretending to kneel over. The audience also kept teasing him…because of the show requirement, I saw that the audience announcement also revealed this so I don’t think it’s a spoiler, the audience was divided by age, and they would ask section by section, and every time he would look from one side to the other with wide eyes. During the competition he was very focused and very professional.
  4. Before going on stage, he was memorizing the lines with (x), and he was swaying back and forth, some fanboys sitting behind him were crazy hahahaha they kept yelling “Xiaozhan! I love you! Xiaozhan! Look at me!” Xiaozhan got very shy and awkward and put his head in his arms, so, so cute.
  5. Because of the style of the show, the first round the song selection would be older and the second round selection would be more trendy, but you can see him silently sing along to each song, not sure if it’s because he did his homework or if he really likes every single song. He really likes to sing, I can tell, he’s really really happy.
  6. The staff handed out finger lights, and at the end everyone got hyped, some show guests asked for a few from the audience and gave one to him, he wore a blue light on his finger and kept cheering like crazy, help how is he so cute! During the break everyone told him to pick the red finger light! Zhan-bi can’t hear, Zhan-bi is going to practice singing! 
  7. He was in really high spirits and a really good mood, he’s so beautiful, even with the crazy schedule he’s still professional and completed this very handsomely. He also got along very well with the guests and with the audience.
  8. Maybe because he’s worried about affecting the recording, he didn’t greet the audience everywhere, but at the end he turned around and thanked the fans behind him! He did a thumbs up! The fanboys roared his name loudly and raised his banner, it made him laugh until he bent over hahaha.
  9. All I can think of was so handsome, so pretty, so gentle, so professional, so good, etc. but he’s also so tired….Xiaozhan still has work today, fighting!