Secret Garden 19.02.05

I’m here I’m here! Time passes so quickly! In the blink of an eye another year has passed! Everything in 2018 felt like a dream to me, in the dream I gave it everything I had! There were a lot of new faces, exciting things and constant obstacles that I crossed in the dream! And you guys who are right next to me!

I’ve never liked to intentionally act a certain way, I just think that everyone’s feelings of affection should be treated sincerely!

Every time I read your letters I gain a sense of fulfillment, your encouragement, suggestions, complaints, jokes…even in your beautiful handwriting, I can feel its energy and warmth!

(I wrote so much I’m really not trying to be sentimental 



As I always say, next time we meet we’ll both be better! 2019 is no exception!!

I’m ending this little essay ✍🏽
Happy new year! In 2019 dreams will become reality, definitely!

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