Secret Garden 17.03.07

It’s been a while, I’m here, let’s get to it:

  1. Actually you can’t really say that it’s hard to make friends in this day and age, rather everyone’s standards for friends keep going higher, so if you have trustworthy friends make sure you treasure them!
  2. I didn’t feel too lost after graduation. I really did a lot during university, tried a bunch of interesting things, so I had many options after graduating; I think you need to start thinking about options after graduation when you’re still in school, so I hope you still have time!
  3. We’ll do many rehearsals for the concert, pay attention to every detail, we’ll be careful!
  4. Actually before I did consider getting a graduate degree overseas, but now I think even though I didn’t end up going, the preparation work I did won’t go to waste!
  5. Ahahahahah Yasuhati I’m dying! I can play it in the next weekly vlog!
  6. I want to meet with you guys too, but we need to meet when we’re at our best right? So everyone has to work hard, you guys study and go to work, and we’ll definitely meet at the most perfect moment!

Goodnight! 🌟

*Fans leave him messages and talk about their lives and concerns in Secret Garden (comment section in one of his old posts), so this is like his reply.

Secret Garden 19.02.05

I’m here I’m here! Time passes so quickly! In the blink of an eye another year has passed! Everything in 2018 felt like a dream to me, in the dream I gave it everything I had! There were a lot of new faces, exciting things and constant obstacles that I crossed in the dream! And you guys who are right next to me!

I’ve never liked to intentionally act a certain way, I just think that everyone’s feelings of affection should be treated sincerely!

Every time I read your letters I gain a sense of fulfillment, your encouragement, suggestions, complaints, jokes…even in your beautiful handwriting, I can feel its energy and warmth!

(I wrote so much I’m really not trying to be sentimental 



As I always say, next time we meet we’ll both be better! 2019 is no exception!!

I’m ending this little essay ✍🏽
Happy new year! In 2019 dreams will become reality, definitely!

Secret Garden 17.02.15

I’m here, recently I have to work and go to class…how are you guys doing?

When I was live-streaming I didn’t intentionally rub my face, it’s just out of habit; when you’re sad you don’t want to talk about it, I think there’s upsides and downsides to that, being considerate of everything is too difficult for us, just be yourself; there’s nothing that can’t be resolved; thanks for your kind words for my bowlcut 


; whether it’s exams or advancement, success or failure is just in that one moment, so just relax, isn’t that the charm of the unknown; you guys always tell me to take care of myself, I’m not a little kid anymore! You’re the ones who need to take care of yourselves; I understand the pressure of entrance exams, but remember to de-stress, jiayou; you’re all experts at flirting 


; girls don’t stay up late! It’s not good for your health;

That’s it for today, goodnight ⭐️!

*Fans leave him messages and talk about their lives and concerns in Secret Garden (comment section in one of his old posts), so this is like his reply.

Secret Garden 19.05.01

The first day of May, the first night of May. I loved it so much since I watched the drama, and when I saw Kim Hyeja win the daesang, suddenly I’m not sleepy anymore!

Don’t ruin your present,over a past filled with regret,and a future with only uncertainty! Please live in each present day, brightly!You deserve to live like this!

The hard workers are the most honorable, you must always live brightly!

Secret Garden 17.06.24

It’s raining here, how about for you guys?Running in the rain feels good, but don’t try it, you’ll catch a cold!

How is my life going? Ok, I’ll stop saying fulfilling. In the days I have no schedules, I really, really don’t leave my house, I read and watch movies I like, and I also sketch. The people around me all think I need to get out more, what a headache….

How are you guys doing?Actually we’re all scared to become people we hate after we grow up, that’s why we have to do our best to live! I’ll leave with you a quote that I used to really like:

Work, like you don’t need money.
Live, like tomorrow is the end of the world.
Dance, like no one is watching you.
Love, like you’ve never been hurt!

I miss you guys a lot, goodnight!

Secret Garden 17.04.01

I’m here, I always say to not stay up late but I’m always breaking that rule myself. Today we arrived in Shanghai for the first rehearsal. It would be a lie to say that I’m not nervous, I’m nervous because I don’t want to disappoint you guys, so I’ll do my best!

I see lately that you guys have a lot of worries!

Don’t argue with your parents, the older you get the more you’ll understand how important they are to you!

As for other people’s misunderstandings and assumptions, the world is big, and the eternal rule is that for however many people who like you, there will be people who dislike you; in their eyes nothing you do is right, so why do you just be yourself, and the people who like you will love you even more? Your heart’s filter will level up!

Important: rehearsal will end very late!! Don’t stand outside and wait! Hurry and go home, what if you get sick and can’t fly! Bad plan!

I really miss the Xiaozhan who can meet with you guys on stage. Soon; see you on 4.2.

Love you guys, goodnight.


Secret Garden 18.04.08

I always wanted to write something, but I have the same old problem, I don’t know where to start…

Before I saw you guys saying that I don’t really like to share my life. Umm, how do I say it, it’s not that I don’t like to share, but I’m just worried that once I share it you guys will think it’s boring… I don’t like to leave my house, if I’m not working I’m just reading, watching movies, or exercising.

As for Jianguo, Jianguo that child is a munchkin cat and has a weak immune system, I want her to get healthy first before meeting with everyone (because of work I can’t take care of her very well so I had to send her home and have my parents take care of her). Haha don’t you think that’s boring… Sometimes I want to share some movies and books but then I wonder if you guys will really want to read it, so I stop thinking about it…

Every time we see each other at official events I can see some familiar faces or familiar social media IDs, and I feel a sense of warmth. From the beginning until now, time has passed very quickly and surely, but all of you guys are still here, on that bus which we promised is heading towards the future, so how I can just stay in the same place?

I keep thinking that I’m’ not a child anymore, every little thing I tell you guys I want to do it in a complete, even perfect fashion; I don’t want you guys to think too much or worry. That won’t change from now on, I just hope that I can sooner share more of myself with you guys.

I will definitely work hard so that when other people ask you who you like, you can proudly say, “It’s Xiaozhan!”

Secret Garden 17.04.29

Xiaozhan saw fans were feeling down, so he wrote these lyrics in secret garden with the caption, “I’ll buy you when I ‘have money’, ok? GN”

Can I buy your unhappiness

I just want to have a meal with you and see you smile

Listen to how you’ve been lately

Can I buy your unhappiness

We’ll go for a drive together and take a walk together

Let’s watch a movie together, ok?

Can I buy one hour of your time

I care about you and want to let you know

That I’m still here, ok?

Can I buy your unhappiness 

We’ll sing together, we’ll hold hands

And listen to music together

Can I buy one hour of your time

I care about you and want to let you know

That I’m still here, ok?

Can I buy your unhappiness 

We’ll sing together, we’ll hold hands

And listen to music together

Sell your unhappiness to me 

And let me give you a hug, ok?


-Xiaozhan’s signature in Chinese looks like the words “have money”

-Buy you is a song by Waa Wei

-Fans were upset because he only got 6s of screen time in their music video

Secret Garden 17.12.31

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2017, this year I worked hard, I was happy, I treasured the moments, and from the bottom of my heart I’m grateful to each and every person who has helped me. I’m usually not good at expressing myself, so I’ll just let my actions speak for themselves. Everything will get better, for sure! In 2018 I have to try harder, so that I won’t let down all of you who love me so much! I’ll make it so that you won’t have to work so hard!