Our Song Recording 19.11.05

© 全海拉鲁最可爱

  1. The girl I was sitting with was an extra for Oath of Love today, he filmed the whole day and at night we rehearsed, we gathered at 10:30PM and lined up, then recording began at 1AM, ended around 5:30AM. He worked for 24 hours straight. Please treasure him!
  2. He’s so pretty! He wore (x) and (x), he’s still very thin but very upright, the last time I saw him live was at the Douyin night, and I think it was less worrisome than that time. His outfit was cute but his shoes were slightly too big, and when he walked you could see some of his feet…pocket-sized Zhan-bi! Because of the lighting, his hair color seemed not so dark, and even though I know it’s just the effect, but he seems like a mixed doll…at the end I met some other fans who felt the same way, like, he’s so cute and pretty.
  3. He’s in quite a good mood! He’s really soft, and when chatting with the MC he kept getting teased, and he’s so soft and cute as he’s panicking and pretending to kneel over. The audience also kept teasing him…because of the show requirement, I saw that the audience announcement also revealed this so I don’t think it’s a spoiler, the audience was divided by age, and they would ask section by section, and every time he would look from one side to the other with wide eyes. During the competition he was very focused and very professional.
  4. Before going on stage, he was memorizing the lines with (x), and he was swaying back and forth, some fanboys sitting behind him were crazy hahahaha they kept yelling “Xiaozhan! I love you! Xiaozhan! Look at me!” Xiaozhan got very shy and awkward and put his head in his arms, so, so cute.
  5. Because of the style of the show, the first round the song selection would be older and the second round selection would be more trendy, but you can see him silently sing along to each song, not sure if it’s because he did his homework or if he really likes every single song. He really likes to sing, I can tell, he’s really really happy.
  6. The staff handed out finger lights, and at the end everyone got hyped, some show guests asked for a few from the audience and gave one to him, he wore a blue light on his finger and kept cheering like crazy, help how is he so cute! During the break everyone told him to pick the red finger light! Zhan-bi can’t hear, Zhan-bi is going to practice singing! 
  7. He was in really high spirits and a really good mood, he’s so beautiful, even with the crazy schedule he’s still professional and completed this very handsomely. He also got along very well with the guests and with the audience.
  8. Maybe because he’s worried about affecting the recording, he didn’t greet the audience everywhere, but at the end he turned around and thanked the fans behind him! He did a thumbs up! The fanboys roared his name loudly and raised his banner, it made him laugh until he bent over hahaha.
  9. All I can think of was so handsome, so pretty, so gentle, so professional, so good, etc. but he’s also so tired….Xiaozhan still has work today, fighting!

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