Our Song Recording 19.11.05

© AstuaryKing

This is the belated fanboy fanaccount (I see everyone on my timeline talking about fanboys, now that I think back on it I’m a little embarrassed).

First I’d liked to bow down to everyone, I’m the shameless person who could not control himself and yelled in Chongqing dialect, “Xiao Zan I love you!”*

  1. The first thing that really stood out to me was, Xiaozhan really has a lot of fanboys, more than I imagined. I thought everyone there would be fangirls, so I pretended to play it cool, to the point that the girls next to me asked if I was invited by the show to fill up the audience. But after it began, the fanboys all went crazy, you could hear guys yelling Xiaozhan’s name everywhere in the venue, especially a guy to my right, he attracted the attention of the whole studio.
  2. So during the break, something came over me and I yelled in Chongqing dialect, “Xiao Zan I love you!” And I saw Xiaozhan shyly cover his face.
  3. Third thing is, yesterday Xiaozhan looked really pale, his styling was also very good, and on the stage he was very energetic and charismatic! Especially at the very end, even I felt like I couldn’t stay awake anymore, but Xiaozhan on stage didn’t seem tired at all. Everything from his expressions to his movements seemed very energetic, he really loves the stage!

*Xiao Zan 小赞 is an affectionate nickname fans use for Xiaozhan, it’s how he refers to him the whole time but for clarity I just used Xiaozhan! 

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