Our Song Recording 19.11.05

© 小赞的猫儿

Xiaozhan sang more than one song, even though he stayed up all night but once he starts singing and dancing, he becomes an energetic and cute Bunny Xiao, jumping around and smiling brightly, it’s so infectious!!! And today’s styling really suited him, I thought it was better than both days of The Untamed Concert. He was in a good mood, smiling constantly, so pretty, so good-looking.

Even the non-fan guys around me were pulled in, even though they weren’t his fans, at the end during the voting when they asked who I’m voting for, they told me excitedly that they’re going to vote for Xiaozhan’s team, they were more excited than me. Later they also cheered him on and yelled “Zhan-gege for the win!” and made Xiaozhan shy hahahaha~ He really brought up the atmosphere, when it airs he will definitely attract a large group of fans!

And off stage, Xiaozhan is really polite and humble. When he goes on stage with seniors, he will always be bowing and letting them go first, even off cameras. All the other singers looked fondly upon him. During breaks in the recording, he would interact with us, give us thumbs up, and stuck out his tongue, he is a living bunny. His condition today is really good, he smiled really sweetly, and when other groups were singing he would bob his head to the music off stage, shake his hands and tap to the beat, clap, super cute. The best part was was during one song, he walked to the extended stage near our side and we could see him sing very close up. The live this time was very stable and very good, singer Xiaozhan is really great. At the end, he got hyped himself, it’s been a long time since we saw cute Zhan, it’s so nice, can’t wait for the show to air!

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