Secret Garden 19.02.05

I’m here I’m here! Time passes so quickly! In the blink of an eye another year has passed! Everything in 2018 felt like a dream to me, in the dream I gave it everything I had! There were a lot of new faces, exciting things and constant obstacles that I crossed in the dream! And you guys who are right next to me!

I’ve never liked to intentionally act a certain way, I just think that everyone’s feelings of affection should be treated sincerely!

Every time I read your letters I gain a sense of fulfillment, your encouragement, suggestions, complaints, jokes…even in your beautiful handwriting, I can feel its energy and warmth!

(I wrote so much I’m really not trying to be sentimental 



As I always say, next time we meet we’ll both be better! 2019 is no exception!!

I’m ending this little essay ✍🏽
Happy new year! In 2019 dreams will become reality, definitely!

Secret Garden 17.02.15

I’m here, recently I have to work and go to class…how are you guys doing?

When I was live-streaming I didn’t intentionally rub my face, it’s just out of habit; when you’re sad you don’t want to talk about it, I think there’s upsides and downsides to that, being considerate of everything is too difficult for us, just be yourself; there’s nothing that can’t be resolved; thanks for your kind words for my bowlcut 


; whether it’s exams or advancement, success or failure is just in that one moment, so just relax, isn’t that the charm of the unknown; you guys always tell me to take care of myself, I’m not a little kid anymore! You’re the ones who need to take care of yourselves; I understand the pressure of entrance exams, but remember to de-stress, jiayou; you’re all experts at flirting 


; girls don’t stay up late! It’s not good for your health;

That’s it for today, goodnight ⭐️!

*Fans leave him messages and talk about their lives and concerns in Secret Garden (comment section in one of his old posts), so this is like his reply.

Secret Garden 19.05.01

The first day of May, the first night of May. I loved it so much since I watched the drama, and when I saw Kim Hyeja win the daesang, suddenly I’m not sleepy anymore!

Don’t ruin your present,over a past filled with regret,and a future with only uncertainty! Please live in each present day, brightly!You deserve to live like this!

The hard workers are the most honorable, you must always live brightly!

Secret Garden 17.06.24

It’s raining here, how about for you guys?Running in the rain feels good, but don’t try it, you’ll catch a cold!

How is my life going? Ok, I’ll stop saying fulfilling. In the days I have no schedules, I really, really don’t leave my house, I read and watch movies I like, and I also sketch. The people around me all think I need to get out more, what a headache….

How are you guys doing?Actually we’re all scared to become people we hate after we grow up, that’s why we have to do our best to live! I’ll leave with you a quote that I used to really like:

Work, like you don’t need money.
Live, like tomorrow is the end of the world.
Dance, like no one is watching you.
Love, like you’ve never been hurt!

I miss you guys a lot, goodnight!

VogueMe Cover Story: It’s Xiaozhan’s Time (Excerpts)

Currently, shooting to fame is a trend in the entertainment industry. Data guides everything – a drama, a variety show, a song…all of these can bring about the birth of a super idol, and the prestige and business value follows soon after. in 2019, the novel-adapted “The Untamed” became this window. This is a story about a young man who grabbed hold of an opportunity. Like other idols born to their generations, his fans multiplied quickly, and he radiated outwards starting from the youths, and finally he gained generational fame. Now everything is declaring, it’s Xiaozhan’s time.

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Xuan Lu on Xiao Zhan during The Untamed filming

The last scene was Buyetian, when Shi-jie died protecting Wei Wuxian, and this was the biggest tearjerker for both fans of the novel and the drama.

This “highlight” moment in the drama took over one week to film, the actors and actresses got their makeup done every night at 11 and filmed until 9 the next morning.

The month of August in Hengdian was hot and hard to bear, and Xiaozhan had the most scenes.

“I saw him get thinner and thinner as he filmed, when the filming was stressful, he only ate some snacks, and didn’t eat properly at all,” Xuan Lu said.

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The Untamed Staff on Xiaozhan

“Xiaozhan is a really good person, and he’s very nice to staff members. He’s not afraid of hardships, and even when he’s sick he’ll film for a whole day, after he wraps for the night he’ll go get IV drip, then come back to film the next morning.”

“Filming was really tough on him, I hope everyone will support him lots. Filming overnight is tough, and he did it consecutively, he barely got a few hours of sleep a day. Sometimes I saw that during breaks he can’t even sit properly, and needs to lie back, fortunately there will be people to support him.”

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CCTV Culture Spotlight: Xiaozhan | An Idol’s Self-Cultivation

As soon as Xiaozhan appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage, the audience began to cheer fervently; Xiaozhan’s popularity is evident.
The short skit “Like You, Like Me” starring Xiaozhan and Xie Na uses a fresh and simple style of acting to portray the concept of love for “Indoorsy Men and Women”. Based on the data, Xiaozhan is at the top of the most discussed ranking among actors on Spring Festival Gala.

As a currently famous young actor, Xiaozhan has his own “data”:
On Jan. 9, TMall data showed that Portrait Magazine with Xiaozhan on the cover sold 100,000 copies within 3 seconds; on Jan. 11, in “Weibo Night”, Xiaozhan topped the ranking with 380 million votes and was crowned “Weibo King” of 2019; when he’s featured on the cover of fashion magazines, the applications crashed continuously on the day of opening sale.

With this popularity, Xiaozhan maintains hard to come by composure, and just hopes to do his job well.

In 2019, Xiaozhan was labeled as having “shot to fame overnight” through his role as Wei Wuxian in The Untamed. In reality, Xiaozhan’s path has not been smooth sailing, he often says to interviewers: “I came from the bottom, so I’m not afraid to return to the bottom.”

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Xiaozhan Filmography

“Superstar Academy” – Fang Tianze
Filmed: 160415 to 160612
Aired: 160929

“Battle Through The Heavens” – Lin Xiuya
Filmed: 170116 to 170616
Aired: 180903

“The Wolf” – Ji Chong
Filmed: 170409 to 170917z
Aired: TBD

“Oh, My Emperor!” – Beitang Moran
Filmed: 170908 to 171108
Aired: 180425

“Joy of Life” – Yan Bingyun
Filmed: 180131 to 180810
Aired: 191126

“The Untamed” – Wei Wuxian
Filmed: 180416 to 180824
Aired: 190627

“Jade Dynasty” (Movie) – Zhang Xiaofan
Filmed: 181017 to 190119
Premiere: 190913

“Douluo Continent” – Tang San
Filmed: 181227 to 190703
Aired: TBD

“The Oath of Love” – Gu Wei
Filmed: 190811 to 191106
Aired: TBD

Guest Appearances / Cameos

“Love Weaves Through a Millennium 2”Aired: 161116
“Monster Hunt 2”Aired: 180216
“The Rookies”Aired: 180712

Harper’s Bazaar Cover Story: Dreams Into Reality

In the past year, Xiaozhan can only describe some of what happened as “like a dream”.

In his graduation year, he started a studio with friends. He was the main photographer, and Chen Man was his idol. “We studied Man-jie’s work together, to see how she uses exposure, how she edits to achieve special effects.” And in this moment, he’s standing before Chen Man’s lens, doing a photoshoot for the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar”.

“I’m so nervous!” His bambi eyes sparkled, “Man-jie created her own unique aesthetic style, it’s still a familiar feeling to see the composition of a photographer I knew of when I worked as a designer, but now I’m the subject myself.”

As he said this, he took a deep breath, and his gaze fell upon an undefined point in the distance. The corners of his mouth turned upwards, “That’s dreams turning into reality.”

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