VogueMe Cover Story: It’s Xiaozhan’s Time (Excerpts)

Currently, shooting to fame is a trend in the entertainment industry. Data guides everything – a drama, a variety show, a song…all of these can bring about the birth of a super idol, and the prestige and business value follows soon after. in 2019, the novel-adapted “The Untamed” became this window. This is a story about a young man who grabbed hold of an opportunity. Like other idols born to their generations, his fans multiplied quickly, and he radiated outwards starting from the youths, and finally he gained generational fame. Now everything is declaring, it’s Xiaozhan’s time.

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Xuan Lu on Xiao Zhan during The Untamed filming

The last scene was Buyetian, when Shi-jie died protecting Wei Wuxian, and this was the biggest tearjerker for both fans of the novel and the drama.

This “highlight” moment in the drama took over one week to film, the actors and actresses got their makeup done every night at 11 and filmed until 9 the next morning.

The month of August in Hengdian was hot and hard to bear, and Xiaozhan had the most scenes.

“I saw him get thinner and thinner as he filmed, when the filming was stressful, he only ate some snacks, and didn’t eat properly at all,” Xuan Lu said.

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The Untamed Staff on Xiaozhan

“Xiaozhan is a really good person, and he’s very nice to staff members. He’s not afraid of hardships, and even when he’s sick he’ll film for a whole day, after he wraps for the night he’ll go get IV drip, then come back to film the next morning.”

“Filming was really tough on him, I hope everyone will support him lots. Filming overnight is tough, and he did it consecutively, he barely got a few hours of sleep a day. Sometimes I saw that during breaks he can’t even sit properly, and needs to lie back, fortunately there will be people to support him.”

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Xiaozhan Filmography

“Superstar Academy” – Fang Tianze
Filmed: 160415 to 160612
Aired: 160929

“Battle Through The Heavens” – Lin Xiuya
Filmed: 170116 to 170616
Aired: 180903

“The Wolf” – Ji Chong
Filmed: 170409 to 170917z
Aired: TBD

“Oh, My Emperor!” – Beitang Moran
Filmed: 170908 to 171108
Aired: 180425

“Joy of Life” – Yan Bingyun
Filmed: 180131 to 180810
Aired: 191126

“The Untamed” – Wei Wuxian
Filmed: 180416 to 180824
Aired: 190627

“Jade Dynasty” (Movie) – Zhang Xiaofan
Filmed: 181017 to 190119
Premiere: 190913

“Douluo Continent” – Tang San
Filmed: 181227 to 190703
Aired: TBD

“The Oath of Love” – Gu Wei
Filmed: 190811 to 191106
Aired: TBD

Guest Appearances / Cameos

“Love Weaves Through a Millennium 2”Aired: 161116
“Monster Hunt 2”Aired: 180216
“The Rookies”Aired: 180712