Xiaozhan Filmography

“Superstar Academy” – Fang Tianze
Filmed: 160415 to 160612
Aired: 160929

“Battle Through The Heavens” – Lin Xiuya
Filmed: 170116 to 170616
Aired: 180903

“The Wolf” – Ji Chong
Filmed: 170409 to 170917z
Aired: TBD

“Oh, My Emperor!” – Beitang Moran
Filmed: 170908 to 171108
Aired: 180425

“Joy of Life” – Yan Bingyun
Filmed: 180131 to 180810
Aired: 191126

“The Untamed” – Wei Wuxian
Filmed: 180416 to 180824
Aired: 190627

“Jade Dynasty” (Movie) – Zhang Xiaofan
Filmed: 181017 to 190119
Premiere: 190913

“Douluo Continent” – Tang San
Filmed: 181227 to 190703
Aired: TBD

“The Oath of Love” – Gu Wei
Filmed: 190811 to 191106
Aired: TBD

Guest Appearances / Cameos

“Love Weaves Through a Millennium 2”Aired: 161116
“Monster Hunt 2”Aired: 180216
“The Rookies”Aired: 180712

Sina Ent. Reporter on Xiaozhan

Sina Ent. Reporter on Xiaozhan:


I never thought, that it would all be fate.

The first time I knew what Xiaozhan looks like was the day I met him in person.

That day at noon our reporter department was having a meeting, when suddenly there was a commotion outside of the meeting room, it turned out that Wang Dalu was here for a visit. Then I heard that Xiaozhan and Wang Yibo would be coming later too. As someone who never followed boy groups or watched The Untamed, I only knew that they were popular lately, but I didn’t know anything about them at all.

Purely out of curiosity, I walked out of the meeting room to take a look, and took a picture. My first impression was that this guy is tall and skinny. Later he walked into the meeting room and sat on the other end of the table by himself. I took a closer look, and he was handsome in a boy next door way.

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