Ma Weiwei on Xiaozhan

I’m very surprised that Xiaozhan would accept my interview.

Before the interview, I sent him a WeChat message, asking if he can support the first episode. After a while, he said, “sure”. I thought, “is it that easy to deal with famous idols?” Then I thought, maybe I’m just too charismatic, and laughed.

Before the official interview, I did a pre-interview with Xiaozhan. The first thing his manager said to me was, “ask him, ask him tough questions.”

I thought, “what are you trying to do? I’m worried his fans will kill me.” Then his manager explained calmly, “Xiaozhan can handle pressure, in the future he will have to be able to handle more pressure. Don’t worry.”

So, contrary to his well-known beautiful visuals, Xiaozhan has the passion and optimism of a Chongqing boy – his beauty is not fragile.

My questions were sharp, and his answers were calm.

One small detail outside of recording is worth mentioning.

At the halfway point of the pre-interview, Xiaozhan suddenly said, “it’s time, I have to leave for the next schedule.” His manager had made a connection with me and we were chatting it up, so the manager replied, “if we drive fast, we probably won’t be late.” 

Xiaozhan firmly said, “no, no. What if we’re late?”

I immediately ushered them to leave, and I turned around and told his manager “you’re very lucky, this kid is very disciplined.”

The recording was scheduled for 9AM, because the day before Xiaozhan has a schedule and in the afternoon he had to fly to another city. I woke up at 6AM to de-bloat and do hair and makeup, and when I saw Xiaozhan the first thing I did was whine about how sleepy I was. Xiaozhan laughed and said, “we’re used to it from filming.” 

“Actors often need to get up at 6AM or earlier to do hair and makeup, and they standby for 10+ hours just for a few shots, then they go back at midnight to remove makeup and shower, there’s not much time to sleep.”

Xiaozhan seems to like this lifestyle a lot. Sometimes when I’m bored I’ll invite him out for drinks, but most of the time he says, “I’m on set, I’m filming.”

He hasn’t really had any free time, he’s never even played escape room.

In the show he said he wants more right to choose. In real life, in order to have this right to choose, he’s doing everything he can, to film and let people see his acting.

Xiaozhan has a cat, she’s chubby and silly, he sent me a picture and he seems really proud of her. He’s someone who doesn’t have a lot of personal hobbies.

He asked me, “why is it that being polite, disciplined, and hardworking in this day and age, makes you not real?”

Yes, Xiaohan, in such a crude day and age, you are the fire in the ice.

Madame Figaro Hommes Cover Story: Metamorphosis

In the summer of 2019, people remembered the name Xiaozhan. From the stage to the cinematic screen, from an idol to an actor, he has never stopped running ahead and evolving and he’s continuously given us more reasons to be moved by him. Xiaozhan’s rapid rise to fame is traceable: he is serious, kind, hardworking, understands gratitude, he doesn’t hide his desire to become better and he has high standards for his profession. Everyone who has met Xiaozhan has full reason to believe that the rise of his name is for sure not temporary, and that his character and traits will surely withstand the test of time.

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Things Xiaozhan Never Says

Some facts about filming The Untamed 

  1. He hurt his arm, but almost no one knew then. We only know because of paparazzi pictures of him at the hospital. Even now, after so many interviews, he’s never mentioned it. 
  2. Filming in 40 degree weather with layers of clothes and being hung in the air for half a day. He’s always been afraid of heat and sweats a lot, he’s the kind who can’t be without air conditioning, but when he talks about it he only talks about other people passing out in front of him.
  3. During that scene, he was eating raw fish with glue, you can imagine the taste. Media commented that he’s so professional, but his fans never boasted and only replied with ‘it’s what an actor should do.’
  4. For the Luanzanggang scenes he only casually mentioned that when he crawled he did hurt his hand.
  5. A “workaholic”, he gets up at 5AM, sometimes doesn’t wrap up even after midnight, he’s so tired he’s swaying, but never mentions that. In interviews he says he enjoys being a “workaholic”.
  6. When he attended 101 as a guest, he was worried he wouldn’t do well, and not only did he ask to practice more in the show, he also practiced when he had time on set of filming. It was his first time rapping, everyone said it was good. Is he really so naturally talented that he can do absolutely everything well? It’s just the repeated practice that no one sees.
  7. When he attended the audition show, he didn’t have a dance background. He just practices, practices until his toenail fell off, and he only asks “will it still grow back?” He got knee effusion, says he will still “dance tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that.” He was kicked in the chin, had throat inflammation to the point he couldn’t talk, but still performed well as the main vocal. Before when he hurt his hand, he was worried that fans would get worried, he hid his hand at the airport. Fans who were asking what happened just the night before all understood and stopped asking.
  8. When The Untamed was being attacked the most last year, he was filming the scene in the cave water. He later on said it’s an “unforgettable” scene. After filming, he smiled sweetly and said to his fans, “you guys be good.”
  9. He says he’s never gone through a systematic training as an actor, he’s worried about not doing well, he’s lacking confidence. His happiest moment was when the director told him he did well, and that he’s coming closer and closer to the character.
  10. He goes to acting class to study, and says that if he has time he will work on his script delivery. Everyone says his acting is good, he has talent, he brought Ah Xian to life, that’s because he really became Ah Xian, and lived out his life! That’s why he says those things to Ah Xian, that’s why whenever he mentions Ah Xian in interviews, he can so perfectly summarize his personality. 

He might really have some talent when it comes to acting, but the hard work he puts in where we can’t see is definitely more than any talent!

The Untamed Filming – BuYeTian scene

© 云中遥寄锦信来 – extra (2019.07.24) 

Last year I went to Guizhou for vacation, because I became a fan of Xiaozhan from Bilibili, I like the novel a lot, and it so happened that they were filming in Guizhou, I had the chance to go and be an extra. As everyone knows, these episodes were night scenes, the kind that they have to film all night for. Xiaozhan gets his makeup done at 4-5PM, and he stays up all night filming. He’s very immersed in it, the kind where he’s given his whole mind and body to the character. He has to control quick changes in mood, and delve into the inner thoughts of the character, it’s very difficult.

This isn’t really a fresh fanaccount, a lot of people have already said this but if I don’t say it it won’t sit well with me, because I want the whole world to know just how much he put into this role, how much love and passion he offered.

Every crying scene, his voice would be hoarse by morning. You could hear him cry even from very far away. He would re-shoot if it wasn’t satisfactory, and he did it very seriously until he was satisfied.

After filming ended, he cried so much he couldn’t stand up. In that very long time, many extras had already fallen asleep but I never heard him say even once that he was tired. His eyes were swollen and bloodshot, because he couldn’t de-role his voice kept shaking. You guys can imagine, 4-5 hours of crying while maintaining a state of extreme sadness and continuously releasing that explosively. He needs to feel it again and again, continue to present this heartbreaking story, magnify it and perform it, experiencing countless complicated emotions by sharing the experience, and in some moments, I thought his emotions had gotten to the point of exploding.

I cried many times watching him, and became a loyal fan. Because of him, I came to understand that such sadness and happiness in the world can be a shared emotional experience. Many extras on set said he had a different air about him, no matter how noisy the crowd is, no matter what the environment, he can grab your heart with one look, and became the center of attention. 

I sincerely wish that every drop of sweat, every tear he sheds will be worth it. Thank you Xiaozhan for giving such a good performance, thank you for letting me see the Wei Wuxian in my heart. The path is limitless, the future is in front of you, I hope you can always be so free, so passionate, face the light and continue to press forward.

“Keep Online” Album Interview


Q: If you only have three months left to live, what would you do?

Xiaozhan: Be with my family.

Q: When you miss someone, what method do you use?

Xiaozhan: I express myself, and I’ll make myself busy.

Q: When someone expresses that they miss you, what way will make your heart feel warm?

Xiaozhan: If it’s my family or partner, then any way they express their concern and worry will make my heart feel warm.

Q: How do you normally express to your family that you miss them?

Xiaozhan: Actually I won’t intentionally tell them I miss you or anything like that, I’ll just ask about them, about things happening at home.

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Sina Ent. Reporter on Xiaozhan

Sina Ent. Reporter on Xiaozhan:


I never thought, that it would all be fate.

The first time I knew what Xiaozhan looks like was the day I met him in person.

That day at noon our reporter department was having a meeting, when suddenly there was a commotion outside of the meeting room, it turned out that Wang Dalu was here for a visit. Then I heard that Xiaozhan and Wang Yibo would be coming later too. As someone who never followed boy groups or watched The Untamed, I only knew that they were popular lately, but I didn’t know anything about them at all.

Purely out of curiosity, I walked out of the meeting room to take a look, and took a picture. My first impression was that this guy is tall and skinny. Later he walked into the meeting room and sat on the other end of the table by himself. I took a closer look, and he was handsome in a boy next door way.

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