Suning Double 11 Night 19.11.11

© 沙鸥罐罐

I saw Xiaozhan! He passed in front of me twice! He’s so handsome! So pretty! So gorgeous! The one chosen by the heavens, a living deity, I can’t even think of the words to describe his looks!! How can this world have someone so good-looking. I still think I’m dreaming. The first time he passed by me I didn’t notice, he snuck on stage. Then people around me started screaming Xiaozhan, Xiaozhan, and I was dazed. I looked up and saw two incredibly long legs pass by in front of me, my regrets! I didn’t get to see it clearly!

When he walked to the centre and waited, he tilted his head to the side and quietly stood there. The lights hadn’t come on yet, but it didn’t stop him from glowing. The Hunan TV audio was very bad, you can’t even hear what the MCs are saying on stage, but Xiaozhan’s live is really stable, even his voice is kissed by God!

As for the interview segment, when the MC asked him to make the expressions, everyone saw on TV right, his condition is so good. His skin is really fair and elastic. 

Let’s talk about something else, the security guard in front of me… when he saw Xiaozhan smile, he also became super happy. Halfway through the show, he asked me, “when is Zhan-ge coming out?” I asked him, “you like Xiaozhan too?” At first he wouldn’t admit it, I said, if you don’t like him why do you call him Zhan-ge? You like him right? And he shyly nodded and admitted it. After Xiaozhan’s performance, a different security guard said, “Xiaozhan is tonight’s MVP!” I got this on audio recording too, haha. When the other celebrities walked by in front of us before, the guards were all relaxed, but when Xiaozhan was getting ready to come down they started blocking people, worried that we’re going to run up. 

The second time Xiaozhan walked by in front of me was as he was leaving after his performance, he was very close to him and this time I watched without blinking! My recording is not great because I want to use my eyes to capture him, not the camera. His proportions are incredible, his legs are so long, respect. After he left, I couldn’t focus on anyone else and just sat there and thought back on it. His appearance is really flawless, I’m going to say the top of mainland celebrities, what about it? A lot of people say he’s too skinny, but I don’t think so at all, it’s just perfect.

I’m on my way home now, and filled with happiness, but also some regret because I was too busy looking at him, I forgot to yell out anything , not even once. I waited for long, went so far, finally stood in front of you, but forgot to say ‘I love you’, or even your name.