200110 CCTV Everlasting Classics Recording

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  1. Refreshing 3 piece suit + glasses, a classic prince, refined and scandalous, so handsome!
  2. Live band performance, he sang fully live for both songs, he sounds so good. The first one is the show’s theme song, mature and strong, the switching between real voice and falsetto was amazing, he worked well with the senior artist.
  3. The second song was a solo, a new song, a complete surprise! So surprising, to the point that the three judges on the panel kept pushing each other to comment first because no one thought he can have such a breakthrough and gap. The style of the song and the poem itself is a perfect fit for him, I can’t spoil but you guys can probably guess which poem, I’m crying! Here I would really like to thank the senior teachers and Liu Zhuo (a producer on this show), thank you for putting so much thought into his word and helping him, he really deserves it. In this work he discussed with the teachers and added a lot of his own ideas, really such a nice surprise and sounded so good.
  4. He drew again! He said it’s been more than 10 years since he drew in this style. The way the refined prince in glasses leaned over the table on stage and raised his brush to create a work of art, it was truly a scene!
  5. When sitting and waiting off stage, he kept talking with Sa-Laoshi (the MC). And they took a selfie! Later Sa-Laoshi said Xiaozhan kept praising the senior artists and saying they sang so well, like a fanboy! After the senior artist’s solo song, they made eye contact and he gave two thumbs up from off stage, so cute.
  6. On stage he talked about his reflections, and told a story about when he was young and painted in his textbook with his fingers dipped in ink, he thought everyone did this but no one including the judges and the MC did, and they captioned one screen that Xiaozhan is talented and unique.
  7. For his solo song, senior artist was also nodding and clapping as they watched. When the entire audience waved their hands and clapped to the beat, they were also very into it. Before singing, he recited the first three lines of this poem and we all followed up with the last line, the senior artist was really surprised and turned around to praise us.
  8. On stage the senior artist talked about not lip-syncing and off stage Xiaozhan was nodding nonstop, you can really feel his persistence and his attitude.

I’m so proud to love him! He’s always delivering breakthroughs and surprises.

CCTV Culture Spotlight: Xiaozhan | An Idol’s Self-Cultivation

As soon as Xiaozhan appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage, the audience began to cheer fervently; Xiaozhan’s popularity is evident.
The short skit “Like You, Like Me” starring Xiaozhan and Xie Na uses a fresh and simple style of acting to portray the concept of love for “Indoorsy Men and Women”. Based on the data, Xiaozhan is at the top of the most discussed ranking among actors on Spring Festival Gala.

As a currently famous young actor, Xiaozhan has his own “data”:
On Jan. 9, TMall data showed that Portrait Magazine with Xiaozhan on the cover sold 100,000 copies within 3 seconds; on Jan. 11, in “Weibo Night”, Xiaozhan topped the ranking with 380 million votes and was crowned “Weibo King” of 2019; when he’s featured on the cover of fashion magazines, the applications crashed continuously on the day of opening sale.

With this popularity, Xiaozhan maintains hard to come by composure, and just hopes to do his job well.

In 2019, Xiaozhan was labeled as having “shot to fame overnight” through his role as Wei Wuxian in The Untamed. In reality, Xiaozhan’s path has not been smooth sailing, he often says to interviewers: “I came from the bottom, so I’m not afraid to return to the bottom.”

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