The Untamed Filming – BuYeTian scene

© 云中遥寄锦信来 – extra (2019.07.24) 

Last year I went to Guizhou for vacation, because I became a fan of Xiaozhan from Bilibili, I like the novel a lot, and it so happened that they were filming in Guizhou, I had the chance to go and be an extra. As everyone knows, these episodes were night scenes, the kind that they have to film all night for. Xiaozhan gets his makeup done at 4-5PM, and he stays up all night filming. He’s very immersed in it, the kind where he’s given his whole mind and body to the character. He has to control quick changes in mood, and delve into the inner thoughts of the character, it’s very difficult.

This isn’t really a fresh fanaccount, a lot of people have already said this but if I don’t say it it won’t sit well with me, because I want the whole world to know just how much he put into this role, how much love and passion he offered.

Every crying scene, his voice would be hoarse by morning. You could hear him cry even from very far away. He would re-shoot if it wasn’t satisfactory, and he did it very seriously until he was satisfied.

After filming ended, he cried so much he couldn’t stand up. In that very long time, many extras had already fallen asleep but I never heard him say even once that he was tired. His eyes were swollen and bloodshot, because he couldn’t de-role his voice kept shaking. You guys can imagine, 4-5 hours of crying while maintaining a state of extreme sadness and continuously releasing that explosively. He needs to feel it again and again, continue to present this heartbreaking story, magnify it and perform it, experiencing countless complicated emotions by sharing the experience, and in some moments, I thought his emotions had gotten to the point of exploding.

I cried many times watching him, and became a loyal fan. Because of him, I came to understand that such sadness and happiness in the world can be a shared emotional experience. Many extras on set said he had a different air about him, no matter how noisy the crowd is, no matter what the environment, he can grab your heart with one look, and became the center of attention. 

I sincerely wish that every drop of sweat, every tear he sheds will be worth it. Thank you Xiaozhan for giving such a good performance, thank you for letting me see the Wei Wuxian in my heart. The path is limitless, the future is in front of you, I hope you can always be so free, so passionate, face the light and continue to press forward.