Xuan Lu on Xiao Zhan during The Untamed filming

The last scene was Buyetian, when Shi-jie died protecting Wei Wuxian, and this was the biggest tearjerker for both fans of the novel and the drama.

This “highlight” moment in the drama took over one week to film, the actors and actresses got their makeup done every night at 11 and filmed until 9 the next morning.

The month of August in Hengdian was hot and hard to bear, and Xiaozhan had the most scenes.

“I saw him get thinner and thinner as he filmed, when the filming was stressful, he only ate some snacks, and didn’t eat properly at all,” Xuan Lu said.

Even the usually gentle Shi-jie would scold him, “I would make him hurry and go eat, whatever he wants to eat we can ask the staff to buy, or I can cook for him.”

“When filming the destruction of Lotus Pier, I felt sad just seeing Xiaozhan, we would both cry as soon as we made eye contact.”

Whether it’s because she feels for Xiaozhan who’s filming on an empty tank or for the painful story of her Shi-di Wei Wuxian, her heart aches whenever she looks at Xiaozhan. “Whether it’s the drama or real life, I can’t tell anymore, I feel like I’m in a daze.”

Because of this, she and Xiaozhan can’t go over their lines together at all before the actual filming, even when they just see each other’s figures from far away, before they even open their mouths and say any lines, their eyes are already brimming with tears.

“My impression of him was a tall and slender boy. As Wei Wuxian, he had a big part in the drama, he’s very talkative and likes to chat with everyone, so he has a lot of lines. In the later half of filming, when you’re tired and hot on the set, you don’t want to eat. I told him, “You can’t be like this. You have to eat something you like no matter what. You can’t just eat a few crackers, how can you keep going like that?” His scenes go from morning until night.”

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