The Untamed Staff on Xiaozhan

“Xiaozhan is a really good person, and he’s very nice to staff members. He’s not afraid of hardships, and even when he’s sick he’ll film for a whole day, after he wraps for the night he’ll go get IV drip, then come back to film the next morning.”

“Filming was really tough on him, I hope everyone will support him lots. Filming overnight is tough, and he did it consecutively, he barely got a few hours of sleep a day. Sometimes I saw that during breaks he can’t even sit properly, and needs to lie back, fortunately there will be people to support him.”

“Anyone who knows a little bit about him will know that he sweats a lot. He’s wearing that thick outfit outdoors in the hot summer weather with the wig and makeup, you can imagine how uncomfortable it is. During the livestream Shi-jie commented that he works really hard on set, and became much more tanned, he replied, “the sun works harder.” At first I thought his response was funny, then I thought about it and it became touching, he doesn’t talk about his hardships. Actually I’m worried about how his acting will be, but his darkened hands and optimistic attitude makes me feel that even if next year his performance doesn’t meet my expectations, I will still defend him.”

“He works really hard, and can really bear with it, he doesn’t complain, and is very professional. More than 900 scenes in the hot summer. At first they would film a set number of scenes in a day, but it was really too tiring so they changed it to a set amount of time. Everyday 14-17 hours. In the combined 4 months did he even rest for 3 days? Everyday on average he woke up at 7AM, he comes out with an eye mask on when his assistant goes to wake him up, and it’s rare to wrap before 10PM. In the later half, it was all night scenes. How long would a normal person be able to go on? He sweats a lot and tires easily. I don’t even know how these few months have affected him.

In those days when you guys were attacking The Untamed the most, he was filming in a cold cave, sick and running a fever. Think about how he feels.”
Last image is Xiaozhan spotted at the hospital with his arm bandaged, fans had no idea because he never mentioned it.

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