Secret Garden 17.06.24

It’s raining here, how about for you guys?Running in the rain feels good, but don’t try it, you’ll catch a cold!

How is my life going? Ok, I’ll stop saying fulfilling. In the days I have no schedules, I really, really don’t leave my house, I read and watch movies I like, and I also sketch. The people around me all think I need to get out more, what a headache….

How are you guys doing?Actually we’re all scared to become people we hate after we grow up, that’s why we have to do our best to live! I’ll leave with you a quote that I used to really like:

Work, like you don’t need money.
Live, like tomorrow is the end of the world.
Dance, like no one is watching you.
Love, like you’ve never been hurt!

I miss you guys a lot, goodnight!

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