Secret Garden 17.02.15

I’m here, recently I have to work and go to class…how are you guys doing?

When I was live-streaming I didn’t intentionally rub my face, it’s just out of habit; when you’re sad you don’t want to talk about it, I think there’s upsides and downsides to that, being considerate of everything is too difficult for us, just be yourself; there’s nothing that can’t be resolved; thanks for your kind words for my bowlcut 


; whether it’s exams or advancement, success or failure is just in that one moment, so just relax, isn’t that the charm of the unknown; you guys always tell me to take care of myself, I’m not a little kid anymore! You’re the ones who need to take care of yourselves; I understand the pressure of entrance exams, but remember to de-stress, jiayou; you’re all experts at flirting 


; girls don’t stay up late! It’s not good for your health;

That’s it for today, goodnight ⭐️!

*Fans leave him messages and talk about their lives and concerns in Secret Garden (comment section in one of his old posts), so this is like his reply.

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