Our Song Ep. 11 Recording – Unaired Scene

Our Song Ep. 11 – Unaired Scene
© 沙鸥罐罐

Thinking back on it now, during recording, what touched me the most was when the show ended and as the crowd was dissipating, Xiaozhan walked past the noisy crowds and gave Wakin Chau a sincere hug.

Before Wakin Chau sang his new song The Younger Me, the MC talked about his history, and Xiaozhan listened very intently, he was very touched, and you can tell he was very moved. Lin Hai said that his eyes were glistening with tears, our boy’s heart is strong yet soft.

Back then, Wakin Chau had finished singing “The Younger Me”, and the parting atmosphere was very sad. When the MC announced that recording was over, everyone rushed up to talk to him, hug him, and shake his hand. But Xiaozhan just stood by his own seat, and watched silently from afar. He waited until there weren’t that many people next to Wakin Chau, then he walked past the crowds towards him, opened his arms, and gave him a sincere hug. He hugged him tightly, and buried his head in Wakin’s shoulder.

Unfortunately, this scene wasn’t recorded by the cameras and we don’t know what he said, but I think Xiaozhan offered up his real and soft heart. The most precious, it’s not on the lively stage but in the calm after the party, when he revealed his heartfelt sincerity.

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