Secret Garden 17.04.01

I’m here, I always say to not stay up late but I’m always breaking that rule myself. Today we arrived in Shanghai for the first rehearsal. It would be a lie to say that I’m not nervous, I’m nervous because I don’t want to disappoint you guys, so I’ll do my best!

I see lately that you guys have a lot of worries!

Don’t argue with your parents, the older you get the more you’ll understand how important they are to you!

As for other people’s misunderstandings and assumptions, the world is big, and the eternal rule is that for however many people who like you, there will be people who dislike you; in their eyes nothing you do is right, so why do you just be yourself, and the people who like you will love you even more? Your heart’s filter will level up!

Important: rehearsal will end very late!! Don’t stand outside and wait! Hurry and go home, what if you get sick and can’t fly! Bad plan!

I really miss the Xiaozhan who can meet with you guys on stage. Soon; see you on 4.2.

Love you guys, goodnight.


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