Promotional Songs for Films

Q: Why does a movie need a promotional song?

Guo Dongnan (Enlight Media Marketing Chief): After Xiaozhan singing Two Tigers was released, on Weibo I posted an interpretation of the Two Tigers movie relevant to the song lyrics, and it was reposted many times. Actually because of his song, what our movie wants to express is being seen by more people, that’s what the movie production company and the director all want to see.

Q: How is the conversation rate of the marketing through music?

Guo Dongnan: Xiaozhan is a young and popular idol, inviting him to sing our promotional song can indeed help our movie quickly gain recognition among the younger audience. The MV views and data are undoubtedly very high, and that day there were lots of news articles, and lots of posts by freelancers.

Q: Is it the best choice to get a popular idol to sing the promotional song?

Guo Dongnan: Actually we rarely use popular idols, mainly we see if the singer’s own style matches with the song. Like Xiaozhan has that kind of energy, to break free from the restraints and be unafraid of getting lost, it matches with the mood of the movie. When we decided on Xiaozhan, we adjusted the lyrics based on his personal experiences.

Q: Is it a win-win for a singer to sing a promotional song for a movie? 

Guo Dongnan: When we work together, we hope for a win-win situation and not just us riding your popularity. From the artist’s perspective, we hope that in our collaboration with a singer, we can help each other deliver a good final work. Like the song “Two Tigers” is challenging and has a freshness, this is a good thing. We determined that this song sounds good and is catchy, so asking Xiaozhan to sing this is at least something that isn’t for naught for him.

When we gave the demo and lyrics to him, Xiaozhan and his manager discussed for a bit, then in 2-3 days responded and said he can come. In early October we were in Wuxi, and within 3 hours we finished recording the song and filming the MV. Before even entering the studio, Xiaozhan was already able to sing this song, this is something I admire, it really helped us save a lot of time.

Xiaozhan singing “Two Tigers”, the effect is clear, it allowed the movie industry insiders to see the power of him singing a song, many movie companies in the industry would come and ask me, is it expensive to get him to sing a song, is he easy to work with. Maybe he was popular from “The Untamed” earlier, but many people in the movie industry didn’t pay attention to that. Now he’s sung “Two Tigers”, many of our partners shared in their friends’ moments, and helped him to gain more attention in the movie industry.

Sina Ent. Reporter: 

There’s another detail that I couldn’t write into the main article. When Xiaozhan came to record Two Tigers, he had already worked for 10+ hours straight, he couldn’t even put his contacts in. In the end he forcibly put in his contacts and forcibly recorded, completed the task with high efficiency. The production company staff all said, it’s normal for an experienced singer to be able to sing as soon as they step into the studio, but that day Xiaozhan was filming during the day and had no time to practice but still managed to be fully prepared, it was shocking for them.

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