Our Song Recording 19.12.05

© 姐姐只想有钱

Still a spoiler-free, simple fanaccount. I’m so glad I decided to come today. It’s a completely different style from the last 4 episodes, super alpha!

I don’t know if I can talk about the styling, but I can say that when it’s released there will be bodies everywhere. Today’s song is also lit, oh my god. It’s an English song, and the high note was incredible, also lots of falsetto. Even better than the singing was his stage performance, it was explosive. A guest comment was that it’s sexy. 

The hair was similar to Bazaar, but the style was different. Together with the rest of his outfit, it’s really unseen before…I’m not exaggerating when I say that everyone went crazy when he came out. My heart can’t handle it, this is my #1 for the last few months!

One thing I was happy about is that to me, his condition seemed better than last time, maybe last time he was still a little shy, but this time he was very social. One thing that stood out was that for a length of time he was just chattering to the guest next to him nonstop, like a machine gun.

Most of the time he was focused on engaging with the guests around him and the stage, because the fans were way too passionate! Honestly there were a lot of other fans banners this time, and from the banners alone it seems kind of even. But our voices can still take the roof off the studio, as long as it’s his part the screams were like everyone there was his fan. So today he also did the 🤫 .

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