Our Song Recording 19.12.05

© 小赞的猫儿

First about the styling, it’s similar to the Bazaar photoshoot and his outfit was wild and sexy! The best part was when he sat down, he showed this wicked and flirty smile, combined with today’s outfit really left us half dead! But right after he smiled he turned back into Bunny Xiao, pouting and puffing out his cheeks, too cute 😭

When other singers were singing, he was also hyped and would bob his head and tap to the beat, also sing along, he is singer Xiaozhan who really loves and enjoys music~ When the music ended he would adjust his collars, stretch a bit, really cute and handsome.

When it was almost his group’s turn to sing, he held up his little fist in encouragement for the senior singers, and again pouted and puffed out his cheeks, and showed his little dimple 😭 Before he went on stage, he raised his fist again and also high-fived his seniors, and cheered himself on, so cute 🐰

The performance was lit, it was an unimaginable style, sexy and wild, so charismatic, and for the ending pose his gaze could kill, handsomeness that can kill you! It was like the temptation of the night killer, goes straight for your heart and leaves you unable to breathe, but willing to offer up your life. 

After the performance ended, he stayed on stage for a bit, we were cheering and maybe he got excited too, and started jumping up and down to our cheers, swaying, and flipped around the specially designed black belt around his waist, it was really sexy! The cheers in our section were super loud, and he smiled and greeted us, that smile really lit up the room. Then he turned back into Bunny Xiao, cutely stomped his feet and hopped, he was really visibly happy.

When he returned to his seat, he was much more relaxed, he would pat his legs and smiled at us several times, each time we would scream. He also loves to clasp his hands together under his chin when watching other singers sing, and when it gets to a really good part he would make a “wow” expression, so cute!! The cutest was when he would point his thumbs together. There was an interactive corner in the middle, and he imitated the sound of a really cute animal, it was so soft and so cute we couldn’t stop yelling.

When recording ended, he still warmly turned and smiled as he said goodbye to everyone in each section.

In summary, I really love the gap today, when he’s on stage he’s wild and handsome, and off stage he is the pouty cute Bunny Xiao, satisfying both girlfriend-fans and mom-fans. I can say that no one can watch this episode and not fall for him. The guys around me were at first fans of the senior singers, but in the end they were all yelling Xiaozhan’s name. This man is incredible, he gets the guys and girls, old and young. 

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