Our Song Recording 19.11.11

© 一个三哈

Honestly it’s my first time watching these kind of recordings, and I can’t even begin to describe how I felt with words. I don’t know about other people, I’m only going to talk about my ge. Xiaozhan! Oh my god!!! In real life he’s really!! Soooo good looking! Soooo thin! Does his face actually exist?? It’s a face that’s like an intricate sculpture. Because of where I was sitting, the whole time I only saw his side profile. Do you know the feeling of looking at a flawless side profile every time you glance up? Of course you don’t know! Because you’re not me! So then I tried everything I could think of to get his attention, get him to turn around and make him shy! The fans’ screaming was no use, our boss Xiao’s expression control is great. But I can’t give up! After all, did I come for myself? No, I came representing the love of all fanboys far and wide! Everyone helped me get to this point, can I just go back like this? Of course not. 

Ok, I’m getting ready to find the opportunity and deliver the killing blow. Finally, when everyone quieted down! I took action: “Xiaozhan! You have to eat more! You’re too thin! You have fanboys! Don’t worry!!” And guess what? Xiao Laoshi turned around! Even though it was just for a moment, but his profile! And the corner of his lip turned upwards!! Ah, this guy is really stealing my soul! Then everything else proceeded in order. Soon recording was coming to an end. Could it be that I only got his attention this one moment? At this point, Na-jie (Na Ying) started to say hi to fans! You know the old saying, opportunities are left to those who are prepared. Even though I was holding Xiaozhan’s slogan, Na-jie, made a heart towards our section. I was thinking, you have to see our ge’s fans’ passion, and I leapt up and gave her a heart back! She made eye contact with me and gave me a playful heart! Then she turned around, I thought that was it, but Na-jie dragged my ge to our section! And my ge started giving us hearts AHHHHH! I’m dead. 

This time, my sneaky outfit made itself useful. What was I wearing? The sweater Xiaozhan wore! So! We made eye contact! That moment that felt like it lasted a century!! That moment he looked at me and gave me a heart, my brain turned blank, it felt like the moment the heaven and earth first parted to create this world. I’m dead again. Then they went offstage, and when he was about to leave my line of sight, he turned around and waved to us! So I quickly waved back. Those were the three beautiful moments I saw my ge. 

One more thing I want to mention, really, if you have a chance listen to my ge sing live, it’s different from audio, his voice went straight for my heart! He sang really well, I won’t spoil anything else. And he had so many little movements! Even though the concept was manly! But his little movements were so cute ahhhh! I took everything in with my eyes.

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