Ma Weiwei on Xiaozhan

I’m very surprised that Xiaozhan would accept my interview.

Before the interview, I sent him a WeChat message, asking if he can support the first episode. After a while, he said, “sure”. I thought, “is it that easy to deal with famous idols?” Then I thought, maybe I’m just too charismatic, and laughed.

Before the official interview, I did a pre-interview with Xiaozhan. The first thing his manager said to me was, “ask him, ask him tough questions.”

I thought, “what are you trying to do? I’m worried his fans will kill me.” Then his manager explained calmly, “Xiaozhan can handle pressure, in the future he will have to be able to handle more pressure. Don’t worry.”

So, contrary to his well-known beautiful visuals, Xiaozhan has the passion and optimism of a Chongqing boy – his beauty is not fragile.

My questions were sharp, and his answers were calm.

One small detail outside of recording is worth mentioning.

At the halfway point of the pre-interview, Xiaozhan suddenly said, “it’s time, I have to leave for the next schedule.” His manager had made a connection with me and we were chatting it up, so the manager replied, “if we drive fast, we probably won’t be late.” 

Xiaozhan firmly said, “no, no. What if we’re late?”

I immediately ushered them to leave, and I turned around and told his manager “you’re very lucky, this kid is very disciplined.”

The recording was scheduled for 9AM, because the day before Xiaozhan has a schedule and in the afternoon he had to fly to another city. I woke up at 6AM to de-bloat and do hair and makeup, and when I saw Xiaozhan the first thing I did was whine about how sleepy I was. Xiaozhan laughed and said, “we’re used to it from filming.” 

“Actors often need to get up at 6AM or earlier to do hair and makeup, and they standby for 10+ hours just for a few shots, then they go back at midnight to remove makeup and shower, there’s not much time to sleep.”

Xiaozhan seems to like this lifestyle a lot. Sometimes when I’m bored I’ll invite him out for drinks, but most of the time he says, “I’m on set, I’m filming.”

He hasn’t really had any free time, he’s never even played escape room.

In the show he said he wants more right to choose. In real life, in order to have this right to choose, he’s doing everything he can, to film and let people see his acting.

Xiaozhan has a cat, she’s chubby and silly, he sent me a picture and he seems really proud of her. He’s someone who doesn’t have a lot of personal hobbies.

He asked me, “why is it that being polite, disciplined, and hardworking in this day and age, makes you not real?”

Yes, Xiaohan, in such a crude day and age, you are the fire in the ice.

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