“Keep Online” Album Interview


Q: If you only have three months left to live, what would you do?

Xiaozhan: Be with my family.

Q: When you miss someone, what method do you use?

Xiaozhan: I express myself, and I’ll make myself busy.

Q: When someone expresses that they miss you, what way will make your heart feel warm?

Xiaozhan: If it’s my family or partner, then any way they express their concern and worry will make my heart feel warm.

Q: How do you normally express to your family that you miss them?

Xiaozhan: Actually I won’t intentionally tell them I miss you or anything like that, I’ll just ask about them, about things happening at home.


Q: Did you have a celebrity dream since a young age?

Xiaozhan: Since I was young I really liked to sing, and liked to stand on stage.

Q: On your path to becoming an idol, what was your biggest obstacle?

Xiaozhan: I felt that I didn’t have enough skills in various departments, I need to constantly learn in order to be confident.

Q: Do you think it’s more important for an idol to be self aware or confident?

Xiaozhan: Both are important, confidence will give you the courage to try many new things, and self-awareness will allow you to have a clear understanding of yourself.

Q: Are you confident to be an idol?

Xiaozhan: All I can say is that I’ll do everything I can, and let what will be, be.

Q: Have you thought about the possibility of never becoming popular?

Xiaozhan: I only want to do the things I should be doing well, for everything else just let nature take its course.

Q: Are you willing to live your whole life being unknown to everyone, and dying quietly by yourself?

Xiaozhan: I hope that the people I love will remember me.

Q: What do you think is the hardest part about being a celebrity?

Xiaozhan: The hardest is not changing your original mindset, a lot of things can change easily, and I hope our hearts can remain pure.

Q: If you’re not a celebrity, have you thought about an alternative path?

Xiaozhan: I haven’t thought about it yet. If I don’t do this, I trust that I can do something else very happily as well.

Q: What do you think about the “little fresh meat” term, do you like people calling you that?

Xiaozhan: It’s a term for young and attractive male celebrities, I’m not young anymore~

Q: Do you think it’s a looks-based society?

Xiaozhan: A beautiful appearance does make it easier to get noticed first, but in the long-run, it’s character that will let you be recognized and respected.

Q: Do you hope more that people will recognize your visuals or your talent?

Xiaozhan: It doesn’t matter which, I just want to be a positive influence.

Q: Are you more determined or indifferent about being popular?

Xiaozhan: I hope to be recognized by more people so that I can have more right to choose when it comes to my work. Other than that, I prefer a simple life, the simpler the better, even though it’s difficult, I’ll try to pursue a simple life.

Q: What’s a healthy relationship for idols to maintain with fans?

Xiaozhan: (Fans can) watch us, and lead their own lives. I hope to bring a positive influence to fans.

Q: Are you willing to do one year of 24 hour daily streaming and exchange that for the chance to be a superstar?

Xiaozhan: No.

Q: Do you think idols should share their private life with fans to satisfy their delusions?

Xiaozhan: I’ll share some things I see and hear in my life to some extent so that fans can better understand me.

Q: What do you think about receiving slander and insults online? 

Xiaozhan: If one day in the future I have to face these, I might look for the reason, and then do the best I can do from my end, for everything else just adjust my mindset and let it be.


Q: What phone battery level would start to make you anxious?

Xiaozhan: I only charge my phone when it goes to 1% and shuts down, I don’t get anxious.

Q: If you have the chance to be reborn and choose your gender, do you still want to be a man?

Xiaozhan: Yes, from what I see, in the real world, the responsibilities and difficulties that women face are no less than men, but even more.

Q: What are you privacy settings like for your friends’ circle moments?

Xiaozhan: Visible for 3 days, also because I haven’t posted in a long time.

Q: What’s different between the content you post in your friends’ circle moments and on Weibo?

Xiaozhan: Compared to my friends’ circle moments, I might post more on Weibo, because I feel that my fans are waiting. My moments are dependent on my mood, and I post less and less these days.

Q: What kind of friends’ circle moments do you dislike?

Xiaozhan: I don’t like pandering for likes, how can you think of everything to please others just for a few likes?

Q: Do you think it’s greasy for men to post selfies?

Xiaozhan: No, maybe some people just like to do that and there’s nothing wrong with it. But I myself don’t like to take selfies and don’t like to post them.

Q: Do you play games normally?

Xiaozhan: I used to play more when I was young, now because I’m busy with work I play less.

Q: What is the greatest joy you gain from games?

Xiaozhan: The feeling of accomplishment from gaining points by clearing stages and defeating bosses. 

Q: If the future becomes a world like The Matrix, would you rather live in the blissful virtual world or wake up and face the cruel reality?

Xiaozhan: More and more I like to face reality.


Q: Do you choose the one you love or the one who loves you?

Xiaozhan: The one I love.

Q: Do you enjoy one-sided or secret love?

Xiaozhan: If I have someone I like, to some extent they’ll be able to feel it, I can’t hide it.

Q: Do you believe love can turn into a family relationship?

Xiaozhan: I believe it, family is the next level of love, it’s a recognition of love at a high level after experiencing the passing of time together with your partner. 

Q: Do you believe that a relationship can be nurtured?

Xiaozhan: I believe it, in fact I believe these kinds of relationships are more reliable.

Q: Can you accept blind dating?

Xiaozhan: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, and it’s suitable for many people, but I don’t think it’s something I would do.

Q: Can you be like the song lyrics, if you give me the possibility I will maintain an inferior state?

Xiaozhan: I will be accepting, but I will have my own limits and principles.

Q: Can you accept long-distance relationships?

Xiaozhan: Yes, distance creates beauty, a long time apart will allow both sides to understand the happiness when they’re together, and treasure each other even more.

Q: Do you agree with the perspective that “only always staying online is considered love?” 

Xiaozhan:  Not really, there’s only so much you can do online. Nowadays work is busy, I wouldn’t have too much time to constantly follow the other persons’ activities.

Q: There are two types of couples now, one type that constantly chat with each other, and the other kind that’s more independent, which type are you?

Xiaozhan: I prefer to maintain weaker contact, and be more independent, aside from the initial phase.

Q: What do you think is more important in a relationship, online or offline?

Xiaozhan: Personally I think the real interactions offline are more important. If you’re not separated by distance in two places, I wouldn’t recommend to rely on the internet for communication in a relationship.

Q: In a relationship, what ratio of online vs. offline is the most comfortable state for you?

Xiaozhan: In the initial phase, maybe meeting offline and communicating online are both very important, but after you’ve been together for a long time and your relationship is stable, maintaining weaker contact is more comfortable.

Q: If you’re sending long message after long message to your partner, and they only reply with “uh-huh” and “ok”, but offline they’re very intimate with you, ca you accept that?

Xiaozhan: I think that depends on their personality. If they’re the type who’s not good at expressing themselves online I can accept it, the real interaction offline is more important.

Q: Do you think this digital communication in our era is good? If you can go back through history to the time of sending messages by carrier pigeons, would you want to?

Xiaozhan: Even though the digital communication in this era can satisfy our need for real-time communication, but because it happens too quickly, many people spend a very short period of time from beginning their relationship to confirming their relationship status to breaking up, it feels like it’s missing some sincerity. In historic times, a romantic relationship is more treasured and protected by both sides, and the feelings are stronger.

Q: Are you put off by self-expressions like “muah, baby, love you”?

Xiaozhan: It’s ok, I think when two people are together it’s very cute to have some nicknames, but if it’s online it feels like it’s just to maintain an appearance.

Q: How do you feel about just expressing love with words?

Xiaozhan: I’m not too good at that, I think love isn’t maintained by sweet talk.

Q: What do you think is the best state for a couple?

Xiaozhan: You don’t need to be lovey-dovey all day long, you can be relaxed and secure with her, and show the most real side of yourself.

Q: Do you think it’s overly dramatic to have your significant other constantly say that they miss you?

Xiaozhan: If that person’s has an expressive personality, as their lover you should understand and accept that.

Q: Are you willing to be alone with your spouse in a place that’s completely cut off from the outside world for a whole year?

Xiaozhan: It would be difficult. Other than my spouse, my family needs me too.

Q: Do you think you’re some who can remain loyal in love?

Xiaozhan: I’m a nostalgic person. Whether it’s with an object or a person, the more time I spend the more I can feel their good.

Q: Do you agree with the idea of men work while women stay at home, or the other way around?

Xiaozhan: Neither. Women can benefit greatly from having a stable career. They’ll have a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of value, and their perspective will be different. Good communication will allow a relationship to grow healthily.

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